Thomas Dudley Building

Thomas Dudley Sign Stainless Steel Building Sign.

Thomas Dudley approached MAP Group, to come up with a sign that would stand out, on the top of their new administration building in Dudley. 

After completing a site survey, it was clear that the building structure, was not suitable, to use standard fixings for the sign.  Using a specially made steel frame, which fitted to internal roof support beams, we created a framework, that extended out, to allow the Thomas Dudley sign to stand at the front of the building, with the minimum of supporting framework around the lettering.  This gave a clean uncluttered look.

How are we going to get the framework and sign onto the roof?  The client was not happy with the additional cost of crane hire to lift the sign into position, on the top of the building.  Being a fan of Meccano as a boy, we came up with a numbered frame system that would be small enough to carry up through the internal stairs, for assembly on the roof.  We achieved the complete assemble in just under a day, with 2 fitters.

Thanks to the preparation and communication between the customer and our design production team.  I think the result speaks for itself.